I m not talking about big corporate projects but these are some cases that i tried to find some solutions

Blogaki This is my first minimal wp theme. Ideal for long text writers. WP 2.9 compatible [screen] 2009
Bascode Another one minimal wp theme that reminds Richard Stallman’s site. WP 2.9 compatible [screen] 2009
Askin2010 This is a case of one night project… Tailored for, but it could be use for anyother site. WP 2.9 compatible [screen] 2010
Evita Not just another minimal theme, this is the latter. WP 3.x compatible 2012
Andreas00BLG Back to 2006, this is the first conversion of Andreas Viklund's "Andreas00" html template, to Blogger 2006
Andreas02BLG My last Blogger theme - also a conversion from Andreas Viklund's work 2006

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